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Writer's Block: Investigations of a Female Nature

Who is your favorite lady detective from movies, books, or TV?
I am torn. I love Miss Marple, but I also love Hetty Wainthrope. Eleanor Roosevelt is by far the most unusual, and Beka Cooper, while not strictly a detective, is my favorite teen. Enola Holmes is good for younger readers, and she's fun. I'll write more when not tired.
I frown on thee

Updating "The Sincerest Form of Flattery"

 Remember how I said I'd come back with play-by-play stuff? I'd forgotten all about it, but I finally came back. And I'm not so angry now, but I did say I would, so here it is.

Stuff in black is mine. Stuff in green is "hers."

So, first scene is Troy having an asthma attack while wearing pale pink lipstick and dripping some unknown liquid.

Needless to say, I almost had a heart attack when Troy's face suddenly popped up on screen in the first scene, panting like a dog in heat. It was hot, yeah, if you ignore the fact that he had excessive pink lip gloss on and he was sweating buckets of fake sweat.

Troy, in a fit of epic compassion, decides to put the untested sophomore Jimmy "Rocketman" Zarrah (is that even a name) in instead of some random Redshirt [...] Jimmy almost drops the ball - literally - but this is Disney. Of course the newbie makes the shot.

Then there comes the proverbial deciding shot where the unknown player (in HSM 3, the Rocketboy or whatever) makes it and the team wins. Whoop-de-fucking-doo.

Troy and Gabriella hang out in Troy's tree house, another thing that sprouted overnight.

Then there's the post-victory party, in which the puke-inducing scene of Troyella on the oh-so-secluded tree house (which just came out of nowhere) [...]

Now we go back to school, and there is even more Troyella.

The next scene is...AGAIN...full of fucked-up Troyella. 

Instead, I will epically describe why Jimmy or Timmy or whoever is an obsessive gay stalker: he asks for Troy's locker. He says it will give him an edge on his game, but we know better: he just wants to get high off the scent of Troy's gym shorts.

Jimmy the Rocketboy is downright freaky, man. He's started following Troy around like a whore in heat ever since the Wildcats' win, and he's asking for Troy's old locker. He says that it will give him an edge or superpowers in basketball or something, but let's face it, he's a gay stalker who's got the hots for the hot captain. I seriously think that he totally wants to steal Troy's gym shorts and sleep with it.

 Tiara Gold (someone who's name is even more painfully obvious than Sharpay's) arrives, randomly duping Sharpay. Sharpay thinks she's "sweet". At what point did you come to that conclusion, Sharpie? *headdesk*

And then there's Tiara Gold. I think she's an annoying, little cockroach. And unlike what Sharpay said, her accent is so not sweet, very far from Daniel Radcliffe's steaming British accent.

Kelsi also signs everyone up for the musical. She is awesome, because she stands up to Sharpay and her one-woman show. GO KELSI!! Er... ahem. The same thing happens to her what would happen to me if I did that: everyone screams at  her. KELSI IS AWESOME!!! Anyway, now we learn that Julliard has a scholarship. Sweet! And Kelsi and Ryan are both on the list! HUZZAH!!!! *is slapped by sister* Ow...

Speaking of Sharpay, she actually had the guts to suggest a one-woman show, and it's no secret who that woman is, yeah? Sharpay, you're cool and all, but sometimes you tend to overdo things a bit, ya know what I mean? Good thing there's Kelsi to shoot down your stupid...I mean...err...less-than-stellar ideas. (Kelsi you totally rock!) It was funny how she signed up the whole class to the musical to prevent Sharpay's disastrous plans. Haha.

Now, we go to lunch, and "I Want It All" happens. This is the second-best song in the entire movie, the best being the first 40 seconds of "I Just Wanna Be With You".  I love this song, because Sharpay has to convince Ryan to join her in her evil scheme to take over the world, mwahahaha. [...] Sharpay tells Ryan to seduce Kelsi with his manly charms, saying one of the best lines in the movie: "Polish her glasses, buy her ruby slippers, take her to prom!" Yes, Ryan, listen to the conniving witch. TAKE HER TO PROM!!!!

Then there's lunch, and East High's cafeteria is transformed into Sharpay's (and Ryan's, probably) world. "I Want It All" is one of my favorite songs because it's fun, it's flashy, and it's full of Sharpay glam and Ryan hotness. Then...and then...Sharpay suggests her MOST BRILLIANT IDEA EVER. She wants Ryan to seduce Kelsi with his blonde and blinding hotness, and she says, "Polish her glasses, buy her ruby slippers, take her to prom!" Sharpay, Sharpay, Sharpay. You are one smart bitch! Yes Ryan! Listen to your evil twin sister and take Kelsi to prom! Yeah! Take that, ya mothafudgers!

Oh yes, back to reality, er, fantasy, oh, whatever, back to the movie. [...]

Then, there was "A Night to Remember". It was epic, BUT WHERE THE HELL WAS ZEKE ASKING SHARPAY TO PROM?? Where was that bit where she starts ordering him around, and getting her random servant to measure him for a tux, and all that awesome stuff?? I ask you, WHY?? But Ryan and Kelsi having their own entrance was EPIC. EPIC, I tell you! [...]

This pretty much sums up a good chunk of why I love Ryelsi. WALLFLOWERS UNITE!

Ahem..hehe. Sorry. Got carried away. Then there's the scene where the gang performed "A Night to Remember", and Ryelsi's entrance is grand! Just grand, I tell you! They just look so damn good together, the Composer and the Choreographer. Cue Ryelsi shippers' screams and giggles. Man, I am so smashed.

Now we come to my favorite part: THE EPIC RYELSI SCENE OF SUPREME EPICNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is so awesome, it deserves a picture, courtesy of someone at the epic community ryelsi_fans:
Awesome Ryelsi scene, people!

Ryan, suave man that he is, drinks some tea with Kelsi. By the way, I love tea. It is NOT just for Brits, guys! Tea is awesome, especially herbal tea with lots of sugar and honey in it! Moving on, they sing together. I almost passed out from the sheer influx of Ryelsi-ness, and then they were joking and laughing and winking at each other... it was beautiful... *sigh*

While all this awesomeness is happening, lots of random stuff happens with Troy and Gabriella. This is stupid, because the entire Troyella thing was dripping with the most repulsive sap I have ever had the misfortune to watch.

And then..and then.... *Tentenenententeeeeeeen!!!* We come to one of my favorite parts: the grand scene of Ryan and Kelsi where they drink tea and sing together! (cue *awwwww!*) It was perfect, and I bet my brother's balls that they were totally made for each other. *Sigh* 

We all know that when good things happen (i.e. Ryelsi), then foul things must come right after (i.e. Troyella). I hate this part, hate it to the bottom of my long intestine, and I can't even bear to see the overflowing Gabriella emo-ness. The whole thing reeked of the most annoying sap I've had the misfortune to watch, and I almost empathized with Troy (and his hot man-bangs).

Now, we go to that bit with the truck. Cool choreography, nice job with the evil car and the ninja swords, but can we say "Greased Lightning"? Wait, let's say it again: GREASED. LIGHTNING. It was an awesome song, but the kid who played Little Troy looked kind of like a midget in a mask. Little Chad was cute, though.

Then we come to another favorite of mine. The whole let's-act-like-toddlers-and-play-with-plastic-swords thing was cute, and the choreography was downright nifty, though the kiddie version of Troy looked Little-Chad is cute, though.

"Walk Away" was dumb, I shall skip it, [...]

Gabriella's unmentionable. "Walk Away" is aggravating, and it's grating on my nerves (and ears). Y'know what, let's just NOT talk about it.

Troy has a fight with his dad, breaks into East High during a thunderstorm (by the way, has anyone noticed it rains WAY too much to be New Mexico - you know, a DESERT state?),  vandalizes a bunch of signs (does anyone ELSE have huge signs of their sports teams on the walls? No? Thought not), poledances on the curtain ropes, and leans up against the wall á la "When There Was Me And You". There were so many flashing lights in that scene it almost gave me an epileptic fit - and I don't have epilepsy. As it was, I got a headache. Too much spinning! Too many flashing lights! Too many Fred Astaire references! Ms. Darbus being there was awesome (I love her character in this), but also slightly weird. How many teachers do YOU know who randomly stay at school until ten?

Moving on..moving on...Troy has a fight with his Dad, and he runs off to the school (how the hell did he get inside?) and suddenly, there was a thunderstorm (it rains waaaay too much, if you ask me). The following scenes are either oozing with hot Troy manliness, or still hot Troy gayness, I was spazzing and going nuts. There was grinding, bumping, shaking, swaying, leaning and over-all STEAMING gyrating with lots and lots of dreamy emo-ness. Oh freaking gods.

Then the freakiest thing happens. Miss Darbus suddenly appears from out of the darkness, and starts yapping about finding yourself and self-discovery and all that jazz...Ms. D, we love you and all, but that appearing-out-of-the-darkness thing is just...plain scary. Don't do that again. And how many teachers stay at school until late at night? No one. Besides murderous teachers from hell.

There is more random Troyella. 

More Troyella shit. I can't even begin to think about it. [...]

Then, we have the play. Ryelsi abounds. I am in love. My plot bunnies are hysterical. HUZZAH! 

I think it's high time for some RYELSI!!! [...] Then, there's the play. Ryan and Kelsi fluffiness! I love all the winking-and-smiling-at-each other part. I've said it once and I'm saying it again. Ryan and Kelsi are totally made for each other. FREAKING YEAH!

Stupid bit with Troyella. Troy, we know you love the girl. SHUT UP ABOUT IT! 

More Troyella shit. I can't even begin to think about it. Yeah, yeah. We get it. Troy loves Gabriella, Gabriella loves Troy. Now that we've settled that matter (repeatedly), [...]

I also thought that they should have done everyone, not just the main six, at the end (maybe I'm just biased in Kelsi's favor, but still).

I wish that they could've included Zeke, Jason, Martha and Kelsi in the last part and not just the main six. It would've been awesome to the point of ultra-awesomeness.

... you do the math here.

I frown on thee

The Sincerest Form of Flattery?

Dear Readers,

I once had something in this box that went word-by-word on how this entry was an almost perfect copy of this entry, despite that mine was made a month and two days earlier. It had commentary, quotes, and an easy-to-read copy/paste system.

But my laptop was being possessed by gremlins, and so it all got erased, so I shall simply give you the links, and tell you to comment.

My Sister Is A Saint (and other thoughts I had while watching High School Musical 3):

Tirades of an alter ego: I Had an Overdose of Troyella:

I don't know whether to be flattered that she thinks so highly of me that she copied me, or to be mad that she stole my work, or what. At one point, when I am not beating my head against a wall for spending hours on something that got erased in three seconds, I will repost. Feel free to comment with your bashes of me or of her, your word-by-words, or your expressions of indignation.


EDIT: Update is here.

My Sister Is A Saint (and other thoughts I had while watching High School Musical 3)

Today, my sister was a saint. She asked my dad, in front of a good couple hundred people, if we could go to see HSM3. I, of course, put her up to it, seeing as I promised her her own popcorn if she did. My reaction to the movie is below.

WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS OF EPIC SPOILERNESS!!! And overuse of various adjectives, like "epic" and "awesome", but that's just because I'm coming down from an adrenaline rush and it's ten o' clock at night.

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So, I have a few avvies (do they call them 'userpics' here?) that don't belong to me (I made them, sure, but the bases aren't mine), so I'd like to credit a few.

This one, the base is erikssiren's, but the words are mine (yes, the phrase "Hurray for hat canon" is mine).

All of my Ryan-and-Kelsi-with-words icons get their bases from the lovely angellwings06, who thoughtfully screencapped that booklet thingy from iTunes.

My bunny ones... I just found those online, by searching "bunny" on Google Images.

Yep, that's all. Toodles!
My God, did I just say "toodles"???